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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
Earl Hilton III, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (336) 334-7686
Dr. Gwendolyn Highsmith-Quick, Faculty Athletic Representative (336) 334-7581
Katreshia Louis-Verrett, Senior Woman Administrator (336) 285-3601
Development & Marketing   Return To Top
Jennifer Lynne Williams, Associate Athletics Director/AAF (336) 285-3066
Carl Hairston, Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing (336) 285-3606
Shamika Pyfrom, Assistant Director of Development/Marketing (336) 285-3063
Kenny Washington, IMG Aggie Sports Marketing -- IMG (240) 393-9535
Business Office   Return To Top
Sherry Long, Accounting Technician (336) 285-3604
TBD TBD, Ticket Manager
Compliance   Return To Top
Katreshia Louis-Verrett, Associate Athletics Director/Compliance (336) 285-3601
Cory Lima, Assistant Compliance Director (336) 285-3620
Wanda Thomas, Asst. Director for Compliance/Financial Aid (336) 285-3602
Media Services   Return To Top
Brian Holloway, Associate Athletics Director/Communications (336) 285-3608
Britney Reddick, Assistant for Sports Media Relations (336) 285-3609
Kristin Rush, Graduate Assistant (336) 334-7141
Administrative Staff   Return To Top
Tiffany Harris, Admin. Support Specialist/Travel Coordinator (336) 285-3605
Wanda Gillespie, Receptionist (336) 334-7686
Baseball   Return To Top
Ben Hall, Head Coach
Jamie Serber, Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Cy Alexander, Head Coach (336) 256-2658
Jay Joyner, Associate Head Coach (336) 285-3613
Jamal Brown, Assistant Coach
Darren Corbett, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3611
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Tarrell Robinson, Head Coach (336) 256-2648
Shavon Earp, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3616
Franklin Scott, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3614
Dominique Hudson, Assistant Coach
Jaleesa Sams, Director of Basketball Operations
Aaron Chavis, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bowling   Return To Top
James Williams, Head Coach (336) 334-7709
Linda Grace, Assistant Coach
Cross Country   Return To Top
Duane Ross, Director of Track and Field Programs
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Adjoa Botwe-Rankin, Co-Head Coach (336) 560-7643
Wenalyn Glenn, Co-Head Coach (336) 560-7643
Football   Return To Top
Rod Broadway, Head Coach (336) 285-4260
Sam Washington, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs (336) 285-4265
Shawn Gibbs, Running Backs (336) 285-4266
Keith Wagner, Offensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator (336) 285-4269
Trei Oliver, Outside Linebackers/Travel Coordinator (336) 285-4262
Chris Barnette, Quarterbacks (336) 285-4263
Colin Williams, Tight End/Video Coordinator (336) 285-4264
Chip Hester, Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
Jeraldine Bailey, Admin. Support Associate for Football (336) 285-4260
Softball   Return To Top
Kenya Peters, Head Coach (336) 285-4274
Jessica Villegas, Assistant Coach (336) 285-4275
Megan Uhrman, Graduate Assistant
Swimming   Return To Top
Shawn Hendrix, Head Coach (336) 334-7918
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Richard Akande, Head Coach
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Richard Akande, Head Coach (336) 285-3617
Track & Field   Return To Top
Duane Ross, Director of Track and Field Programs (336) 285-4276
Tempest Vance, Assistant Coach (336) 285-4277
Volleyball   Return To Top
Hal Clifton, Head Coach (336) 285-3618
Arlene Mitchell, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3619
Equipment & Facilities   Return To Top
Billy Edringston, Associate Athletics Director/Facilities/Game Day Operations (336) 256-0535
Theron Thomas, Assistant Athletics Director for Equipment (336) 334-7987
Danyel Williams, Game Day Operations Manager (336) 256-0535
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Cedric Walthaw, Strength & Conditioning Coach (336) 256-0534
Anthony Bland, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (336) 256-0534
Marissa McGuirk, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (336) 256-0534
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Janah Fletcher, Head Athletics Trainer (336) 256-0533
Tasha Logan, Assistant Athletics Trainer
Lovie Tabron, Assistant Athletics Trainer (336) 256-0533
Julie Hampton, Athletic Trainer Intern
Jynelle Jarvis, Athletic Trainer Intern
Roland Walker, Athletic Trainer Intern
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