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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
Earl Hilton III, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (336) 334-7686
Dr. Gwendolyn Highsmith-Quick, Faculty Athletic Representative (336) 334-7581
Katreshia Louis-Verrett, Senior Woman Administrator (336) 285-3601
Development & Marketing   Return To Top
Jennifer Lynne Williams, Associate Athletics Director/AAF (336) 285-3066
Carl Hairston, Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing (336) 285-3606
Shamika Pyfrom, Assistant Director of Development/Marketing (336) 285-3063
Kenny Washington, IMG Aggie Sports Marketing -- IMG (240) 393-9535
Business Office   Return To Top
Sherry Long, Accounting Technician (336) 285-3604
Kiana Taylor, Ticket Manager (336) 334-7749
Compliance   Return To Top
Katreshia Louis-Verrett, Associate Athletics Director/Compliance (336) 285-3601
Cory Lima, Assistant Compliance Director (336) 285-3620
Wanda Thomas, Asst. Director for Compliance/Financial Aid (336) 285-3602
Media Services   Return To Top
Brian Holloway, Associate Athletics Director/Communications (336) 285-3608
TBD TBD, Assistant for Sports Media Relations (336) 285-3609
Brittany Cameron, Graduate Assistant (336) 334-7141
Administrative Staff   Return To Top
Tiffany Harris, Admin. Support Specialist/Travel Coordinator (336) 285-3605
Baseball   Return To Top
Ben Hall, Head Coach
Tyrone Dawson, Assistant Coach
Aaron Lynch, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)
Jamie Serber, Assistant Coach
Brian Poag, Student Assistant
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Cy Alexander, Head Coach (336) 256-2658
Jay Joyner, Associate Head Coach (336) 285-3613
Jamal Brown, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3610
Darren Corbett, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3611
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Tarrell Robinson, Head Coach (336) 256-2648
Shavon Earp, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3616
Franklin Scott, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3614
Dominique Hudson, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3615
Jaleesa Sams, Director of Basketball Operations
Bowling   Return To Top
James Williams, Head Coach (336) 334-7709
Linda Grace, Assistant Coach
Cross Country   Return To Top
Duane Ross, Director of Track and Field Programs
Perry Cabean, Assistant Coach
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Adjoa Botwe-Rankin, Co-Head Coach (336) 560-7643
Wenalyn Glenn, Co-Head Coach (336) 560-7643
Football   Return To Top
Rod Broadway, Head Coach (336) 285-4260
Sam Washington, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs (336) 285-4265
Shawn Gibbs, Running Backs (336) 285-4266
Thomas Howard, Inside Linebackers (336) 285-4270
Damon Frenchers, Defensive Line
Trei Oliver, Outside Linebackers/Travel Coordinator (336) 285-4262
Chris Barnette, Quarterbacks (336) 285-4263
Colin Williams, Tight End/Video Coordinator (336) 285-4264
Chip Hester, Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
Jeraldine Bailey, Admin. Support Associate for Football (336) 285-4260
Softball   Return To Top
Kenya Peters, Head Coach (336) 285-4274
Jessica Villegas, Assistant Coach (336) 285-4275
Megan Uhrman, Graduate Assistant
Swimming   Return To Top
Shawn Hendrix, Head Coach (336) 334-7918
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Richard Akande, Head Coach
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Richard Akande, Head Coach (336) 285-3617
Track & Field   Return To Top
Duane Ross, Director of Track and Field Programs (336) 285-4276
Perry Cabean, Assistant Coach
Tempest Vance, Assistant Coach (336) 285-4277
Volleyball   Return To Top
Hal Clifton, Head Coach (336) 285-3618
Arlene Mitchell, Assistant Coach (336) 285-3619
Equipment & Facilities   Return To Top
Billy Edringston, Associate Athletics Director/Facilities/Game Day Operations (336) 256-0535
Theron Thomas, Assistant Athletics Director for Equipment (336) 334-7987
Danyel Williams, Game Day Operations Manager (336) 256-0535
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Cedric Walthaw, Strength & Conditioning Coach (336) 256-0534
Anthony Bland, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (336) 256-0534
Jonathan Dahuya, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Gloria Smith, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Janah Fletcher (Women's Basketball), Head Athletics Trainer (336) 256-0533
Roland Walker (MBB, Bowling, Cheer), Assistant Athletics Trainer
Caitlin Atwell (Football, Softball), Athletic Trainer Intern
Ben Clapp (Band, Baseball), Athletic Trainer Intern
Julie Hampton (VB, Swimming, Tennis), Athletic Trainer Intern
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