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Strength and Conditioning

Courtesy: NC A&T Sports Information
          Release: 06/07/2010
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NC A&T Strength and Conditioning
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To cultivate student-athletes into stronger, exceptionally conditioned versions of themselves while achieving higher levels of discipline and mental toughness.A&T_Weights

Our strength and conditioning philosophy promotes team success and ensures that team/individual goals will be met.  We strive to put our athletes in the best position to be champions by obeying a comprehensive system consisting of programming that is influenced by injury prevention and improvements to performance. Our programs are designed based on education and practical experience, which allow us to use proven methods in our yearly plans. We do this while following the guidelines of our certifying bodies, the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Training PrinciplesBaseball_Aggie

We strive to have our athletes become champions in everything they do. Through participating in our program we instill the mental and moral qualities that will allow our student-athletes to be successful in their everyday lives and well revered in the community.

Leaders have a vision with a plan, can motivate others, and are very adaptable. These qualities are created through participation in our program.  Our staff builds responsibility, drive, and shows our athletes the dedication required to achieve a championship mentality.  Student-athletes are given the tools needed to become great leaders in all facets of their lives.

We provide nutritional guidance that will help our student-athletes reach their goals. Along with guidance, we provide our athletes with a nutrition area in the weight room that has fresh fruit to provide a healthy source of energy.  This is available to them throughout the day so they have access before/after lifts, before/after meetings, or between classes. To aid in recovery we emphasize a healthy diet along with quality sleep, stretching, and myofascial release.  With these in mind we can keep our athletes in prime shape for practice, workouts, and competition.

Injury Prevention
To remain successful one of our top concerns is keeping our athletes healthy. By reducing the risk of injury, we can maximize the athletic career of our student-athletes.  By prescribing exercises that strengthen weaknesses and deficiencies in our athletes, we are able to do our best in preventing future and minimizing current injuries of our athletes.

Our training process follows intense planning that follows each team’s yearly schedule so that
Strength&Conditioning_MBBthey will peak at the proper times of the season.  Athletes with high levels of training can reach their peak or sometimes decrease in performance levels if their program is not progressed with a proper plan. By adjusting training variables throughout the year the athletes will make their best gains in the off-season and maintain (sometimes improve) their strength levels throughout the season and into post-season play.

As a staff we believe in building strength through periodization. Each team has an individualized
program that is tailored to provide success in their respective sport. Each program has components that attack weaknesses and work toward strengthening elements that will translate directly to success in their sport.  Our program pushes our athletes beyond their comfort levels to achieve new levels of performance.

Our conditioning programs force our athletes to overcome uncomfortable circumstances. Through interval, speed endurance, and other training methods we achieve a sport specific method of conditioning. By accomplishing this, the athletes are conditioned to compete to the best of their ability in their respective sport.

Speed, Agility, and Explosiveness
We improve speed, agility, and explosiveness through acceleration training, change of direction, top end speed development, and various power exercises. Using a combination of these methods will improve an athlete’s overall athleticism and efficiency in their movement.  Enhanced efficiency will involve less effort for the athlete while creating the most force possible for the movement.

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