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Coach Washington on the S.C. State game: “It’s a proud moment to stand before you today. As we thought, that was a tough ballgame. We went into the game knowing it was going to be hard-fought from start to finish. I am so proud of the way our young men performed both on and off the field. I thought they did a wonderful job. One of the concerns going in was penalties. I think we cut our penalties in half. At the end of the first half, we only had two. So, I’m very proud of that as well.”


Coach Washington on the play of quarterback Kylil Carter: “I thought Kylil managed the game extremely well. He threw the ball very well. We had one miscue, the fumble, which they scored a touchdown on. But beyond that, I thought he had a wonderful football game.”


Coach Washington on the play of the Aggies offensive line: “I thought the O-line protected well. We’re very proud of the way they played and performed being that their defense had all this hype. S.C. State has played extremely well throughout the season in stopping the run.”



Coach Washington on stopping the run: “I think we won that battle. We held them to 50-something yards rushing and we ended up with over 100. So that was huge. We say it all the time, “stop the run! Stop the run!’ I guess other teams have gone and used that as well. We’re going to quit saying it publicly. Defensively, I thought it was a see-saw battle. I thought we played well at times and not so good at others. The pass defense broke down on a few occasions. It was a lack of communication and some of it was poor technique. All things we will and can fix and we will adjust this week.”


Coach Washington on the Aggies injuries: “Health-wise I think we’re in a pretty good place. We have one or two guys that are banged up pretty good. Hopefully, by Saturday they will be okay. Antoine Wilder is one of those. He’s a tough cookie. He got hurt on the very first play and he played the entire ballgame.”


Coach Washington on Morgan State: “Morgan State is a good football team. They know what they are doing. They have an idea of how to do things. They have some receivers that can get vertical, and they have a quarterback that can get the ball to them. The running game is solid, but they just haven’t been able to win, and I just don’t get it. I don’t get it. I really don’t. This is a really big ballgame for us and it’s very important that we take this one game at a time approach the remainder of the season. That’s the way we’re going to approach it. It’s the next ballgame up and we’re going to prepare to win.”


Coach Washington on his team’s play against S.C. State: “I knew it before, but Saturday’s reiterated for me, they didn’t quit. When the offense needed to be held up the defense played well. When the defense needed to be held up the offense played well. I thought the special teams were solid. They didn’t do anything to hurt us and some of the kickoff returns I thought were great. They put us in good field position. One of the best plays, possibly, that was executed; we had a bad snap. It was a one-hopper to the punter. That young man picked it up and got it off. That was huge. Staying in the moment and being engaged in the presence of the moment, I was very pleased and proud.”


Coach Washington on the play of the Aggies secondary: “I want to see them keep everything in front of them. I don’t want to see anybody behind us. Ever. That’s what I want to see. When we feel like it, we can keep them from throwing the ball over the top of us and make them drive the length of the field. That’s much more difficult to do so we’ll put a lot of emphasis and effort into keeping the ball in front of us.


Coach Washington on making changes during the game: “I think it was a lot of adjustments that had to be made. You watch the teams on film, and they do one thing and then you get to the ballgame and it’s something totally different. That’s a sign of a good coaching staff, those that can make those adjustments on the fly. I thought we did a very good job with that.”


Coach Washington on Saturday’s safety: “At that moment we needed a play. We needed something big to happen. Fortunately, we were able to put some pressure on him and get him sacked. That was huge. It was another pivotal moment. There were several in the ballgame that we can say were pivotal moments. That’s what makes those games great. You don’t sit in your chair until the last snap. Nobody left that stadium until it was over.”


Coach Washington on the momentum gained by the safety: “I don’t know if it woke us up but it was definitely electrifying. It gave us a spark. It was that spark that we needed and it’s an effort play. I think whenever you get those good effort plays, they get a spark to you. And that’s exactly what it was. Good effort.”


Coach Washington on how you avoid overlooking at an opponent: “Put on the tape and let them see the team that you’re playing against. South Carolina State was a very good team. Not good, but very good. We were going into the game with the same record. We lost to the same team. I thought we were very equally matched from the start. Fortunately, we were able to get out of there with a win. We still have a lot of football to play and that one is behind us now. We’re going to shift our attention and focus to Morgan. Morgan beat us last year. We haven’t forgotten that. We’re aware of it so we’re looking for redemption.”


Coach Washington on last year’s loss to Morgan: “It came down to kicks and that young man made some crucial-moment kicks. I think we’re much better offensively at this point right now than we were at that game. That was much earlier in the season last year. And it also was during the storm. We were displaced, but no excuses, no regrets. We will be prepared.”


Coach Washington on why he did not go for two to tie the game in the second quarter: “There’s this chart when you go for two and when you don’t go for two. We try to use it but in that situation, it really didn’t matter. It really didn’t.  But we thought we had a good two-point play that we wanted to execute. If given the opportunity, we would have. But it worked out in our favor to just kick the ball.”


Coach Washington on Jah-Maine Martin’s performance: “It was based on what they gave us. I think that’s very important that you take what they give you. They packed the box. They were focused on stopping Jah-Maine. We were pretty much forced to throw the football. I thought Kylil did a fabulous job with play-action and setting those linebackers up and throwing that slant behind them. I thought he did a wonderful job and I thought Jah-Maine did a wonderful job hitting the holes and making it look like a run. I think it all goes hand-in-hand. I thought it was well executed. Then I thought Jah-Maine ran the ball extremely hard. I don’t know if you all realized it. He ran the ball extremely hard and very physical. That’s the style of ball I love. It was a joy for me just to watch him play.”


Coach Washington continues to talk about Martin: “He’s sitting right there we don’t want to give him too much pump. But he’s a football player. I think it’s very important how well you play without the ball. That’s going to determine the kind of player you really are. When you can play without the ball in your hand and you still play hard and you still give that max of 110 percent effort. That makes you a complete player. That’s why he’s special … one of the many reasons he’s special.”