Tue, Oct 9

N.C. A&T Head Football Coach Sam Washington on Saturday’s fan support at Delaware State

“First let me say thank you to the fans and alumni, the support you guys give us is amazing. To look up in the stands and see support, and to see them sitting there and cheering us on, it’s great and we appreciate it.”

Washington on the Aggies win at Delaware State

“This week we got the opportunity to play a lot of people. And that’s one of the things that we feel is necessary during this stretch of the season that we get more people involved at the game level. We got that accomplished. Defensively, the first half they ran the ball and we had some gap issues, but we were able to get those corrected. In the second half they had 38 total yards, so we were very pleased with the second half effort from the defense.”

Washington on the Aggies offense

“Offensively, we were off to a slow start as well. We went into the game wanting to run the ball and they packed the box on us, so we had to go over the top. I think Lamar had one of the finest games a coach can ask for, he was able to pick them apart. We had great protection up front, the receivers ran crisp routes and caught the football. And a lot of times they were well covered and still made the plays. Those are the types of plays that it’s going to take to be a championship team.”

Washington on penalties and missed opportunities

“Penalties are another area that we wanted to do much better in, which I thought we did. We only had five penalties for 40 yards and I thought that was good. Another negative was turnovers, we had the opportunity to have four interceptions, and three would have been walk-in touchdowns. We had a lot of missed opportunities and left to many points on the field. So that’s one of the things we’re going to address this week, making plays you’re supposed to make and finish. So we’ll address those issues very strongly this week.”

Washington on quarterback Lamar Raynard’s continued improvement this season

“We have been very pleased with the young man. I’ve always said he makes great decisions and that’s what separates him from the average quarterback. He gets the job done and that’s all that we can ask for.”

Washington on the success of the run game

“It’s a major part of our scheme. We want to run the football. We have two very capable running backs, and I think the offensive line is finally gelling. They gave a lot of different fronts, so we had to identify more fronts than normal. But I think the offensive line did a great job. I think the running game will only improve as the season goes on.”

Washington on preparing for Florida A&M this Saturday

“They have a good football team, so I don’t think we can focus on one area or position. This will have to be a team effort. And all three phases must show up. We will put a lot of emphasis on that.”