Sun, Oct 11
Aggies Blog: Swimming With MJ

Miranda Jacobs is a senior swimmer for North Carolina A&T out of Baltimore. Each week she will blog about her thoughts on what will be her and the swimming team’s final season of competition. This week Miranda takes us inside the All-North Carolina Swimming Invitational at the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

Each swimmer looks forward to the first meet of the year. It gives him or her an opportunity to not only see where their times are in prime events, but also how much times can be improved  before season’s end.

While in practice swimmers may prepare for events they are scheduled to compete in, it still does not compare to the real deal. The first meet brings the excitement of people watching us other than our teammates. It’s almost as if we have something to prove. As I stepped into the Greensboro Aquatic Center (Oct. 2) before the meet started, something was different. I knew this would be the last first meet I would partake in; not only because this is my senior year but also because this is the team’s senior year.  Being the only HBCU at this meet meant even more. Half of the other schools had no idea we existed.

On the first day most of the team swam in the 200-free relay, the 50-free and the 200 individual medley. I believe the team did well in the 200-freestyle relay as it is one of our stronger events for points at the conference championships.

The 50 free gave us a chance to obtain the same or a better time from the relay we had previously swam. For those focusing on the 200 IM, this meet gave them the opportunity to work on things in the meet that were only put to work in practice. The night ended with another of our team’s strong events, the 400 medley relay in which each swimmer swims a 100 meter backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle.

As Day 1 came to an end, I was tired along with most of the team. After a filling dinner and good night’s sleep, we were back at it in the morning. The morning brought events such as the 400 IM, the 100-backstroke, the 100-breaststroke, the 200-freestyle and the 200-medley relay. I think the team did well in all events, setting a base time to build off for the rest of the year. The relay performed close to their time from last year revealing they didn’t lose any speed over the offseason.

With one more session remaining, the meet started to feel longer than two days because as the afternoon approached the events became longer. The afternoon had the 200-butterfly, 200-backstroke, 200-breaststroke, 100 IM, the 400-freestyle relay and 100-freestyle. As we are a team of mostly sprinters, everyone was at least excited about the 100 free. Pleased with the times from the 100 free, there was one thing left to do, the last relay. As we waited for the last relay, the fatigue began to sit in requiring more stretching and warming up before the relay began.

There is no relief, like the relief of the last event of a swim meet. This gives you the green light to cool down as much as your body needs to recover and to talk with teammates about the highs and lows of the meet. I knew the team had done well, but listening to coach Shawn Hendrix’s speech after the meet confirmed my knowledge. We had only been in the water for two weeks and were already swimming times that were competing with other teams. With more practice, we could really do well in 2015-16.

Okay, well I’m signing off until the next we meet, just keep swimming.