Thu, Oct 3
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North Carolina A&T Head Football Coach Sam Washington on the Delaware State Game:

“I thought it was a well-played game. Without mistake, that was the first ballgame I felt we played well in all three phases; offensively, defensively and special teams. Everybody showed up and produced and that is what it’s going to take for us to win it outright. We have to perform well in all three areas regularly. Offensively, we had 432 yards total. What I felt was most impressive was 285 of those yards were rushing yards. If you’re able to run the football you can control the game, and I thought we did that. We had the ball for almost 36 minutes. I thought that was a big factor in the ballgame. It gives an opportunity for the defense to rest and prepare for the next series, which was very helpful.”


Coach Washington on the Aggies defense: “Defensively, I thought we played well also. We were able to hold them to 100 total yards, 23 rushing yards. We put a lot of emphasis on stopping the run. They only had 23 yards rushing the whole ballgame. I was very pleased with that.”


Coach Washington on the Aggies kicking game: “I thought we kicked the ball well. Noel didn’t have any field goal attempts which was great. That means we were scoring touchdowns. But he made all his PATs and his placekicking, I think he kicked five or six into the end zone for touchbacks and that was huge. We punted the ball decently. I think the average was 42 yards. That’s winning football when your punter flips the field and helps set up the next possession. That’s huge and we’re grateful for that.”


Coach Washington on the Aggies penalties: “I was not very pleased with the penalties. At halftime, we only had one penalty. We finished with eight and that means we got seven in one half. It actually got a little ugly at times out there. That’s something we have to get corrected immediately. But the effort and want to were definitely there by the players.”



Coach Washington on the coaching: “I thought the coaching staff did a wonderful job with the game plan. We were able to execute the game plan as desired and that was huge. Shout out to (co-defensive coordinator Courtney Coard) defensively and (offensive coordinator Chris Barnette) on the offensive side for their efforts and their works.”


Coach Washington on Norfolk State: “Norfolk is one of those scary football teams, honestly. I think they play very well offensively. Defensively, they’re having some issues. Offensively, they have a quarterback that is very mobile. He can beat you with his arm or his legs. They have receivers that will go get the football. The running back, I understand, runs a 10.5 in the 100 meters. I’m not sure about that, but he can run. He has had several explosive runs this year, so it’s going to be very important to get him corralled and hit him … hit him often and hard. He will be a target for us. Those are the concerns on the offensive side. Defensively, I think they are very lengthy. I think they run decent, not well. I think our speed shall prevail in that area.”


Coach Washington on the Aggies injuries: “We have a couple of concussions. They are in protocol. They are both back up players. That’s one of the things we were really happy with this past weekend. We were able to play a lot of players. That’s what it’s about, developing depth and getting game experience. We got pretty much everybody on the field that was able to play.”


Coach Washington on Norfolk State quarterback Juwan Carter: “He is great with his legs. He’s not bad with his arm either. He can throw the football. I tell you what, he’s a lot more poised than he has been in the past. In the last couple of years, he would panic and take off running. Now, even when he’s scrambling, he keeps his eyes downfield and he keeps two hands on the football. You can tell someone is working with this kid fundamentally. He’s doing those little things right and well.”


Coach Washington on why a good Norfolk State team is only 1-4: “I honestly haven’t been able to put my thumb on it. I really don't know. But they have been in every ballgame in my opinion. But the wheels, someway, seem to come off. So hopefully we can do whatever it takes to get those wheels loosened and then get them off in the second half.”


Coach Washington on Norfolk State’s experience: “They’re really experienced on the offensive side … a lot of seniors from receivers, running backs, quarterback, and three of the offensive linemen. They’ve been there and done that. They understand what it means to be successful versus a younger guy. Another thing is you’re able to make adjustments. You can talk it verbally on the sideline without drawing it up with a guy that has some experience. A first-year guy needs to see it.”


Coach Washington on whether Delaware State aimed to stop running back Jah-Maine Martin: “I thought they did. But that has been their ammo for the entire season. All of their previous games they did the same thing. I guess their thought was stopping the run and forcing us to throw the football and it worked out in our favor. I thought the offensive line did a very good job of finding those guys. They did a lot of moving around as well. I thought they did a very good job of finding them and putting a hat on them.”


Coach Washington on why the Aggies have been successful on the road: “You know what, I hate to put it on the road. Honestly. I hope we have the same approach whether it’s home or away. That’s just our approach, our weekly business. We practice the same every week, whether it’s home or away. We’ve just been fortunate on the road.”


Coach Washington on whether the Aggies will benefit from the extra two days after the Thursday game: “The only time we will benefit from it will be today. We gave them two days off. We gave them Friday and Saturday off, so they can heal a little bit. We were banged up pretty good. We actually got started a little bit yesterday with just running and getting those muscles warmed up. Today, we will have a full practice. Another advantage is the healing process. I think that’s significant. Then time off gives us a little more time to mess with the X’s and O’s and the do’s and don’ts and the who can do what. It gives us a little bit more time in the film room.”


Coach Washington on Mac McCain’s return: “I thought he did well for the most part. He let them get behind him one time. He squatted looking in the backfield. I just asked him why. I’m going to let him explain what happened. Honestly, I thought he played well. He didn’t try to overdo it. He stayed within the perimeters, and he did the little things right as well.”


Coach Washington on Jah-Maine Martin’s improvement: “We need to see some growth on a weekly basis and that’s what we preach. We have to see some kind of growth each week so we can become champions at the end of this thing. A lot of it has to do with coaching too. (Running back coach Shawn Gibbs) really emphasis finding those hats on the second level and seeing which direction they’re going. If they’re going this way, you want to go that way. He can see it. I have to give the coach some credit for that as well.”