Thu, Oct 31
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North Carolina A&T head football coach Sam Washington on the play of freshman linebacker Jacob Roberts: “I think he has instincts. The stuff you don't coach. He has a desire to get to the football. I think his football IQ is good but not great, but we have time to work on that. He was this good in high school and on film it was obvious. He committed to us early. We thought he was going to de-commit, but fortunately, he stayed here with us and now he's here.”


Coach Washington on S.C. State: “I think we are very evenly matched. I think it's going to be a very physical ballgame. It's going to be a good one. Honestly, I would personally buy a ticket for this one myself. We are very excited to go down there and do what we do, but they are very tough to be at home. They play with effort and it kind of worries me a bit. Overall, I'm excited to see how we match up.”


Coach Washington on S.C. State’s weaknesses on defense: “We haven't found it yet. That's why we are meeting and that's why we are discussing today to try and find some. There have to be some weaknesses and hopefully, we can find them and exploit them.”


Coach Washington on S.C. State’s quarterbacks: “Their No. 3 is probably one of the quickest kids I've ever seen. He can put his foot in the ground and change directions. He will be at top-end speed and make those cuts. That can make it very tough to tackle him in space. It's very important we keep them corralled and stay out of one-on-one tackling.”


Coach Washington on sending a player back to the locker room after a penalty: “Before the game, we discussed over and over again that we cannot put ourselves in any bad positions during the game … especially on personal issues. I thought the kid made that play personal and he did not put the team first. We as a team are not going to have that, so we let him go home for the night and get ready to play someone else. He has next week to redeem himself and hopefully, he learned his lesson.”


Coach Washington on if he is ever surprised by the play of Aggies running back Jah-Maine Martin: “I don't know if surprised is the word. It's amazing I'm in awe just like you. I love watching this kid because you never know what he's going to do. The only thing you do know is that he's capable of doing something special. He's one of those kids you got to keep an eye on. You just don't know.”


Coach Washington on how his team’s championship experience is going to help this weekend: “Hopefully, it shows up immediately. Honestly, I want it to show up this week in practice. I think it's very important that we practice like champions, and we prepare like champions. Then hopefully it will carry over into the ballgame.”