A&T Basketball vs. Savannah State (women and men), Corbett Sports Center, Saturday, March 1, 4&6 p.m.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is committed to allocating and distributing complimentary admission to athletic events in a fair and equitable manner. All procedures are consistent with institutional, conference and NCAA rules. The following procedure has been developed in the best interests of student-athletes, students and the greater institutional community. Complimentary admission may be offered to encourage participation in University athletics programs, to engender goodwill and collegiality among institutional neighbors, or in recognition of continuing support of University programs and activities. 1. Community Outreach complimentary tickets are for the exclusive use of elementary and middle school-aged children and their adult chaperons, and may not be transferred or sold to any other party. The tickets are for youth groups of 10 or more only. The complimentary adult chaperon tickets will be allotted as follows: one complimentary ticket per five children. 2. All tickets are for general admission seating. 3. Youth participants are encouraged to wear their team uniform (jersey, cheerleading outfit, scout shirt, etc.) to the game. 4. Individual recipients are responsible for their own transportation to the game, parking, game programs and concessions. 5. Completed applications should be e-mailed five business days prior to the game to For more information please call Shamika Pyfrom at 336-285-3064. 6. Groups will be notified electronically by the Department of Athletics if their request for complimentary admission has been accepted. Tickets must be picked up at the university ticket office in Brown Hall by 4 p.m., the last business day before the game.

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